Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

For some reason I'm just not feeling inspired to write about anything else. I was going to make some witty remarks about American Idol, mainly about Garret's hair:

(DUDE, the 80's called... yeah yeah, you know how it goes...) but no, not tonight. Instead, I'm going to try out this Thursday Thirteen thing.

My list: 13 things that are coming up in my life that I am looking forward to.

1. Tomorrow I am getting a Flickr Pro account. Yay for more photos and albums!!

2. Sometime this weekend I am getting my hair done. The last time I got my hair done, I got it cut shorter in the back and longer in the front, dyed reddish, with blondish streaks in the front. I love doing new things with my hair!

3. This weekend I am getting a new sweater. It doesn't take much to make me happy, haha. It's a long one, with a hood... and I love it.

4. Maya is going to be in a science/art fair. For the science part, she is doing an experiment on whether or not music has an affect on our heartbeat. For art, she is going to make a sculpture.

5. Maya is going to be in a chess tournament! She takes chess classes now, and she is good.

6. I got invited to Ravelry which is an online knitting community, and I can't wait to check it out some more!

7. The weekend is ALMOST here! Yay.

8. Sometime soon, we are going to go downtown and to station square, and I can't wait to take tons of cool photos.

9. Hubby and I are goig to get a fancy schmancy hotel room. Once in a while it's nice to have some alone time!

10. I haven't been to Yoga class in a while, and hopefully this thursday I am going to go back. I love it. I go to The Yoga Loft. It's awesome.

11. I'm super excited that I am almost to number 13 because wow, coming up with 13 things is harder than I thought it woud be.

12. OH I know! Spring. Spring is just around the corner. I hope. I mean, it's almost March, in like a lion out like a lamb, right? I like to see the glass as half full.

13. Our income tax check comes tomorrow! Yay!!

Whew, that was tough. Next week I will try to be a little more creative!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who left me such wonderful and supportive comments on my Homeschooling post below! Also, Thanks everyone who shared with me what the daily zen meant to them. Very deep thoughts and great interpretations! I will try that again sometime!


Kathryn said...

Yeah for tax checks and new haircuts!!!
Fun TT! Good job!

Liquid said...

That is the most wonderful list of 13's I could imagine.

You Go Girrrrrrrl!

Juliana RW said...

Hi Mandy, you change the layout again :D

I have something for you in here

Have a nice weekend

Susan said...

Nice list. I always think I am going to participate in this, but I never seem to get it together.

kgirl said...

Dude really reminded me of Robert Plant. Until he opened his mouth.

secret agent mama said...

Chess class...oh my! Maybe we should promise your daughter to my eldest. He loves chess, but we don't play enough.

chelebel13 said...

how did your hair turn out? let me know if youre up for yoga saturday morning! :)