Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day One of NaBloPoMo - March!

Welcome to my first NaBloPoMo post. The theme for this month is "lists" and somedays, I may stick to that theme but not always. Today I am going to tell you about my very first campaign meeting for Barack Obama.

Oh. My. God. It was awesome. These are my people!! I'm am so, so excited about the campaign now, and it feels so good to be involoved with something I feel so strongly sbout. I have a shiny new Obama bumper sticker, and 2 Obama buttons. Right now we are trying to get as many to register to vote as possible. Myself and a guy from our team are going to be setting up a voter registration booth, should be interesting!

We are also trying to plan a major rally for our county, which is going to be very cool. Trying to get college students on board, young voters. I am also going to be part of a phone bank, calling registered democrats. I love this. It's really bringing out the activist in me!

I am a listed on the Pittsburgh Blogs site, so if anyone from this area is reading this and you want to get involved somehow, let me know!

And last but not least, a big shout out to my fellow March NaBloPoMo bloggers... here we go!


Akicage said...
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Mandy said...

Please note: the above comment was spam containing a link to a site that my pc's virus protection flagged. That is why I deleted it.

I don't want anyone thinking I don't promote free speach on this blog, because I do... but I won't leave spam comments on here!


Kelly said...

How awesome that you are getting involved. My hubby hoofs it around town for the green party. Yup. I'm married to a communist. ha-ha. Okay, that was a private joke. I'm totally down with that party. I think political activism in so important. Take a stand. Get involved. We need smart women to help change the country. Rock On!