Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A whole Lotta Nothin

I'm not going to blog about the obvious. No, not tonight. You all know how I feel, You all know where I stand, you all know what has happened and you all know what I believe the future holds despite what has happened. So, let's move on for now, shall we?

My mind is all over the place, so bear with me.

Tonight at work, I "played" with one of the Nikon DSLR's. I've got it bad, people. Real bad. The photoholic bug. I thought strep was bad... HA. Strep ain't got nothin' on this virus.

The moment that beautiful camera touched my hands, my fingers were literally tingling. Seriously. I was holding my breath and fighting back tears.


Now... I lied, up there when I said I wasn't going to blog about the obvious. I changed my mind, really. I do have one thing to say. Numbers, people. MATH. In other words, IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!!

There, I feel better!!


sweets said...

temptation, that sucks...

HomeSlice said...

yeah, i was bummed about PA too. what were they thinking???

btw, i have one of your deviant art prints in my hot little hands! i'm going out this afternoon for a frame.

Scylla said...

Hey there! I am sorry your guy didn't take PA. Though I am please Hillary did.

As for not mattering, well, I disagree. It matters to me that everyone is getting a chance to vote, and that she didn't bow to the pressure to leave the race early.

Some voters, like myself, have waited a damn long time to cast a vote for this candidate, and whether or not PA will assist her in the nomination (which I still think it could) it is important that they got the chance to do so.

Angie said...

We're working hard here in Indiana for Barack. I believe Barack will have the most delegates, but more importantly more of the popular vote at the end of all the primaries. What I do like about this long drawn out process is the number of new voters our party is getting registrated. I think this is important for November and important for the future of the dems. We'll be rocking Indiana hard for Barack. I've knocked on so many doors already my knuckles hurt and my feet are aching, but it's ALL worth it. Thanks for your hard work in Pannsylvania and voting. I'll see you in D.C. in January '09. ;)

Angie said...

That'd be Pennsylvania. Oops. Sorry.

Abbey said...

Whats up chick?..Is this about Obama (don't forget I'm an aussie) dust yourself off and keep the faith...x