Tuesday, May 6, 2008


What a mess.

So. I was planning on paying for my Nikon D40 with our Stimulus Check from the Uncle Sam. We assumed that because we received our tax refund via direct deposit, our stimulus rebate would be the same. This is what they were saying, anyway.

We assumed we would be getting this deposit into our account this week, no later than Friday, May 9th.

Which was perfect, because the deal on the camera was ending May 10th.

We filed our taxes using Tax Act Online, and had the fees taken directly from our refund.

Each day I've spent, anxiously and excitedly waiting and checking, for that rebate money. Growing more and more excited and more and more impatient.

Now I've come to find out, we probably will not be getting our rebate direct deposit after all... we may have to wait, until JUNE 13TH, for a paper check... because of the way we filed our taxes.

It seems that if you've filed with a third party service, i.e. tax act, or turbo tax, etc.. and had your fees taken directly out of your refund check, you're stimulus rebate will NOT be coming direct deposit... you have to wait for a paper check. (This apparently does not apply to those who used such a program but paid the fees with a credit or debit card).

The thing is, My sister in law claims she filed the same way we did, using the same program, and she had her rebate direct deposited yesterday...

Online, in various forums and sites, I've come across many people who filed the exact same way we did, and some of them got theirs direct deposit and some of them didn't and have to wait for the check.

I am confused and frustrated, and extremely disappointed. I already have so many plans coming up for that camera, that I will now have to miss out on. Plus, by June 13th, the special deal will probably be gone...

So, anyone else go through this with their stimulus check??


Irene said...

Oh that SUCKS! For me too! I didn't know that!

I know you have a deal, but there are many online stores (B&H, Adorama) that have great prices and 90 days SAC. That is what I did. I don't have to pay for the camera until July.

Just a thought.

sweets said...

shame man that does indeed SUCK!!!
maybe try and make an arrangement with someone at the store so you can still get it at the same price?
sorry hun...

danielletbd said...

Oh wow I didn't know that. I file with a third party, but I don't use direct deposit AND the last two digits of my SSN are all the way in the 90s... so they told me to expect my check by July 4!!! Crazy!! But hey, it's basically free money, so I can't really complain TOO much.