Thursday, May 8, 2008

No Boyfriends Until You're 40 (Her Dad Says...)

Getting back to my "mom blog" roots...

Maya has a boyfriend.

Here's the thing. I want to be the kind of Mom she feels she can talk to about to anything. I want her to be able to come to me for support or advice, I want her to feel like she can tell me anything, I want us to have that close relationship.

She is only in first grade, 7 years old... but it starts now. The trust thing, we have to start building it with our kids from day 1. I firmly believe this and I have tried, in so many ways, to do this as a parent...

I have been very involved in every aspect of her life (well, DUH, I'm her mother!), and obviously school is one of the most important aspects... so obviously, I have been very involved in this, also. I have volunteered in her library, her computer classes, class parties, book fairs. I meet with her teacher and we discuss her "gifted" status and the challenges her teacher gives her, I have a wonderful relationship with her teacher.

A few weeks ago Maya was Student of the Week. This means, among other things, parents get to come to the school and do a special project with the class. We made and decorated foamie sun visors, the kids loved it! Many of her classmates know me pretty well by now, I get a lot of "Hi, Maya's Mom!" comments as I walk through the halls.

I keep getting off point here. Anyway. While the kiddos were busy with their projects, Maya's teacher pulls me aside and says, "So, have you heard the news? About the romance?" I was like, huh?

So she proceeds to tell me that Maya and Devon have announced that they "like" each other and are now boyfriend-girlfriend. Whatever that means, to 7 year olds. At first I was a little freaked, I mean it's cute when it's someoneelse's kid... I asked the teacher if this was normal and she assured me it was, normal and healthy at this age. She got married in first grade. Hehe.

My next reaction was, why didn't Maya tell me?? Have I failed already?? At only 7 years old, does she already feel she can't tell me these things?

I didn't need to worry, though. While we were driving in the car, a almost an after thought, Maya says "Oh, hey mom! Guess what!" and I got to hear all about her and Devon, and how funny he is, and how nice he is, and how great of a climber he is on the playground equipment.

In other wonderful mom news... They have moved Maya up, from level 1 to level 3 in gymnastics. Skipped her right over level 2!

Also, I'm looking forward to her spring school musical show this month. These things are beyond cute. Their Holiday show was adorable and just awesome, and now they are going to have a spring show... A Year with Frog and Toad.

Obviously, I will have photos! :)


Christina said...

Congrats, mom. I'm glad she told you all about him. If the way he climbs the playground equiptment is any indication of how he'll do in the future then I'd say she picked a winner.

SandyCarlson said...

Ah, the boy thing! I'm glad you got the scoop.

My daughter's teacher blessed my girl by sitting her alongside the nutty boy who cuts holes in his shirt all day. And a nose-picker. So boys are gross, end of story! Phew.

I enjoyed this post very much, Mandy.

Nicki said...

Yeah, my nephew had about four girlfriends at any given time in first grade. And last year, when Little Bear was in preschool, she had a boyfriend! They don't really know what it means exactly, they're basically just play-acting at what they see older kids and grown ups doing, pairing up in couples and hanging out together!

sweets said...

married in first grade LOL

i had the same thing with my son, he always told me everything, now he's 12 and .... well not so much anymore, it's sad but probably how life is, have to start cutting the apron strings sometimes... but luckily the "heavy" stuff he still talks to me about, so phew... hopefully i'm doing something right too :)

angel said...

congrats on your baby girl doing so well!
i also wanted to lock my son away till he was forty... lol!

Angie said...

You mean we're not supposed to lock our kids in the house until they're forty? Two brothers that my kids play with both have a crush on my daughter. They keep writing, "I love L." in sidewalk chalk when they're over. She writes, " I DO NOT love S. and B. I just like them." She told me just last night that the only "boy" she's in love is her cat. Whew!