Friday, December 12, 2008

Bark At The Moon

So, tonight is going to be the largest full moon of the year, and I will be out and about Christmas shopping, out among the masses of already crazed people all trying to get that ever coveted deal of the century. Will the full moon make them even crazier? I can only hope not.

Going on a Friday night, 2 weeks before Christmas.. not so smart to begin with. But hey, it was pay day for the hubby and I, and my schedule doesn't allow me much freedom and flexibility. The stars aligned (albeit with the largest full moon of the year!) allowing a night off, alone time with hubby, grand parent provided kid-sitting and money in our pockets... all at the same time, on the same night. How could I pass up this opportunity?

The kiddo has requested the follow items from Santa, which will no doubt leave her one very disappointed little girl on Christmas morning:

A Laptop (Hahaha.. Santa has not yet finished paying off her laptop, and kiddo thinks she can get one? She is EIGHT!!!)

A Cell Phone. Yes, a cell phone. Once again... she is EIGHT!! Now, I do see the logic in kids having cell phones... safety concerns all that. But I'm thinking, maybe let her hit double digits first? I don't need a cell phone bill through the roof because she's downloaded 6,754 Hannah Montana and Jonas Bros ring tones. Besides, I am perfectly capable of providing my very own through-the-roof cell phone bills, courtesy of my new friend MoBlogging.

A Video Camera. HA. She is the daughter of an aspiring photographer who works in a camera shop! The kid already has a digital camera nicer than most kids her age have, AND it does shoot video, and she has a pretty little 4 gig SD card to go with it! So, ixnay on the ideovay ameracay.

Nintendo DS. Ah. Now this, I can do. Mainly because I want to play with it, too. If she lets me. Well.. she will have to sleep sometime right?

Happy Holiday Shopping to all, and... hey, wish me luck out there with all the werewolves and frantic shopping lunatics under the glow of the gigantic full moon!


MamaNeena said...

That girl can make a good list!

Allison Says said...

That is a good list. I want all of those things, too ;)

Nintendo DS is a great idea, though. Is she a girly girl? 'Cause a pink one would be pretty awesome.

Good luck shopping. I don't know if I'm going to try to do any more "real" shopping--the rest can be on amazon!

amy said...

The girl's got taste!

The moon from my neck of the woods was/is beautiful tonight.

dylan72986 said...

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