Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reflections for a New Year Fondue is YUMMY.

Because isn't this what we're suppose to do? Write something deep and meaningful about all of our memories, regrets, and triumphs of the old year, and our hopes, dreams, and fears for the new year?

Perhaps post lengthy lists of all of our resolutions, to-do lists, and wish lists?

Bah. Who has time for that???!

I have nothing but Fondue on my brain. After a successful round of chocolate fondue last night, I have been furiously googling all the fondue recipes I can find.

Cheese Fondue! Pizza Fondue! Cheese Fondue with Beer in it! Caramel Fondue! Peanut Butter Marshmallow Fondue! Mexican Cheese Fondue! Italian Fondue! Cheese and Seafood Fondue!

The possibilities are endless. I'm even in the mental process of concocting my very own recipes.

Happy New Year Everyone. Go try some Fondue!


amy said...

If you do cheese fondue can I come? PLEASE??? That sounds like heaven.

Happy New Year.

Lady in Waiting said...

There is a fondue restaurant around here that my husband took us to on our 6month anniversary. It was awesome! The cheese was amazing and the dark die for!

Rebecca said...

Fondue is always awesome! Happy New Year!