Saturday, March 29, 2008


I have a job interview today, for a job that I really, really, really, really want. More details to follow... but let's just say it's a major first step in getting the career of my dreams, and I'd be working in an industry that revolves around a passion of mine.

Last year was a very rough year for me, but things are turning around. Sometimes I think bad things happen for a reason.

Whenever one door closes, another one opens... remember?

So, I need this job. Not because it pays a fortune (it doesn't, and I'm leaving something that potentially could for something that I'm passionate about, because life is too short...). I need it because I need to do what I love. I need to know that my life is moving in the direction it was meant to. I need to hold onto that hope, I need to know that I do control my own destiny and If I want my life to be a certain way, I can't just sit on my ass and cry and hope that something magical will happen and POOF things will be ok.

But, anyway...

I will update, of course!


Anonymous said...

You're on my prayer list. Good luck!!!

Frances said...

The best of luck to you. It's always more important and fullfilling to do what you love than it ever is to follow the money. It makes for a much happier, less stressful life and that's worth more than a buck anyday.

Kelly said...

I'm so sorry about your sister. Hope she is okay. Congrats on the job, and don't worry about the bloggy thing. It should be for you. If you feel obligated, it takes the fun out of it. I use to get upset that all the bloggers I read had more comments than my blog, then I realized how stupid that is. I do it for me, for my children. If people want to come along for the ride, awesome! You rock, sista!