Monday, April 7, 2008


I can't tell you how happy I am that spring is finally arriving. It's in the upper 60's here today, and it feels so, so good to drive around with the windows open and no stuffy winter coat on.

There's something about driving on sunny days. I don't know what it is. The sky is blue, with little fluffy white clouds, the air rushing through the open windows is refreshing. The radio is on and all is good with the world, even if for just those few moments when it's you and your car and your music.

Watching the kids play outdoors with just sweatshirts on, seeing green starting to pop up through the bleak remnants of winter.

Soon the pool will be open. I can look forward to splashing with maya in the water, water parks and amusement parks, school picnics and photo hunting at various state parks. Eating ice cream from the local 4,567,324 flavors of soft serve joint, ordering frappacinos instead of hot coffee from starbucks.

I love spring. I love summer. I hate, hate winter. But that passionate hatred I have for winter only makes my love for spring and summer more intense. So, maybe it's worth it. Then again, maybe not.


sweets said...

the northern hemisphere have stolen summer!!... winter is around the corner for us... sucks big time, i too detest winter ;(

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

It has been BEAUTIFUL the past few days, hasn't it?

Globus said...

globus likes winter. but summer is far, far better. bring it on!

secret agent mama said...

No help from me, b/c I'm in the boat with you. xxoo

Tamara said...

Whatever you do, don't stop blogging - the first time I've stopped by, and I think your blog is beautiful!

Coffee Messiah said...

"just say no" ; )