Thursday, April 10, 2008

I admit, I have a problem...

I am an addict. An internet addict.

Yes, I've posted about my 'net addiction in the past, but... it's gettng worse!

I have signed up for so much crap that I don't have time for it all. I have profiles all over the internet, people! All Over!

We've got your typical Myspace and Facebook pages to start with. Then I am a member of a bunch of motherhood and parenting sites and forums... Maya's Mom, Cafe Mom, the list goes on.

Then, you've got your photography and art sites, like Deviant Art and Flickr, and a few others I don't even go to anymore. I found one just the other day called Robot Laundry, but luckily I managed to have the will power to click the little x in the right hand corner instead of signing up.

Then you have random things like Ravelry, for instance. I haven't even been knitting lately, I'm too busy with my latest photogrpahy obsession.

It has to end, I know it does... I drop by these places once in a blue moon anymore...

Oh, and I also start blogs (other than this one, of course) that I don't update... like my Photo Blog, for example.

Can anyone recommend a good 12 step program for this sort of thing?? Anyone??


Frances said...

Girl I am right there with you! Recently I decided to designate only a certain amount of time per day to go to my favorite sites(blog & otherwise) and post on my blog. It works out well and it keeps me from adding to my growing list of favorites. My new thing is a flickr group called 30 tiny moments

I've been meaning to tell you about it. As it sounds like it's right up your alley!

suchsimplepleasures said...

i'm having the same sort of problem. the one thing that helped though...was when my laptop was in service. i've kind of become less obsessed with blogging and more obsessed with crocheting.

SandyCarlson said...

Here's a one-step program: Charter Communications. You lose your cable and spend the day talking to everyone everywhere in the world about how and when they will fix it!

You are not alone!

Angie said...

Uhm... Maybe several of us should start a support group. I have to MAKE myself get work done at my business. I realized a month or so ago that I wasn't getting a whole lot done anymore during the day per my internet addiction. Now, I spend less time on blogs, more time on work and I am very grumpy because of it. What to do?

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Is there a 12 step? I have a similar problem. How did you manage to say no?

Dwayne said...

Visit my blog and sign up for that while you are at it lol, and all of the rest that are addicted. Nothing better than taking advantage of a addiction. I have over 100 blogs in my rss reader, and the bad thing is I read them every day

Juliana RW said... have nice photos :D

If you have time, check out my post today,At my brother‘s wedding day, thanks.

Marie around the World said...

Very simple, the same way you unclutter your closet once or twice in your life :
everywhere you haven't go in a 6 month-period, just sign out. Imagine the feeling of freedom you can have when you finally decide to throw away that 10-year old black sweater you love but don't wear anymore ? It's tough but once you've done it, you feel great !
Try and keep me posted !