Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So, Where have you been?

...You may or may not be wondering.

Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. Which is a good thing, really.

I've been working a lot, got a decent amount of hours, which is awesome. However, this leaves less time for my family and therefore, even less time for my dorky internet addiciton. Haha.

I know I put up that cool photo meme thing and I still totally plan on doing it, and I soooo appreciate the responses... very cool ideas, people!

I just can't promise when. Hopefully soon.

Thank goodness I'm not attempting NaBloPoMo this month, eh??

Keep in touch, though, internet. I'm still here, I swear.

p.s. I'm seriously considering purchasing the Sony a200 instead of the Nikon d40 or d60. Any opinions?


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You NEED to make one of the Burgh Mom meetups. :-)

Glad you are still alive. That's something.

sweets said...

so true... life does have way of getting in the way doesn't it?! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're still around!