Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I just can't keep up with this blog much anymore!! I don't know what it is.

I'm not saying I am leaving or quitting. I'm just saying... sorry, I must be going through a phase, but I know the phase will be over soon.

I do have another online journal, that's a bit more personal, but it's mostly friends only. So here's the deal.

If you have a livejournal account, leave me a comment or email me: java_mama@yahoo.com and let me know what your livejournal addy is and I will add you. If you don't, well... go get one. Haha.

Feel free to do this even if you've only been mostly "lurking" here.

I'm not leaving this blog, though. So stop by from time to time!

By the way... good news. Maya was asked to try out for the "team trainers" program at gymnastics, which is a pre-team training program. So, she did... and she made it!

So, now I will be diving into the world of competitive gymnastics. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I have read so many good things, but so many bad things, about this level of gymnastics.

But, they seem to think she has what it takes, and she loves it more than life itself right now!


Anonymous said...

horray for maya! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear you're in a phase, but I'll sneak by for in hopes for updates every so often!

angel said...

i'll keep stopping by to check up on you...