Saturday, January 3, 2009

NAMB's Recommended Reading

Time for installment 1 of NAMB (Not Another Mom Blog) Recommended Reading. Where I read something, and If I love it, I tell YOU to read it. My feature selection for today is:

The Best American Non-Required Reading 2008.

This book is Freakin' AWESOME! It includes some highly humorous subject matter, such as Best American Police Blotter Items from Kensington California. True and highly amusing tidbits from the police blotter of a very, very small town with a very bored police department.

Also, such gems as Best American Facebook Groups. I am soooo joining "I Beat George W. Bush on the SATs."

Also included in this book:

- Best American Last Sentances of Books
- Best American Names of Champion Show Dogs
- Best American Ron Paul Facts (Ron Paul invented Chuck Norris! Ron Paul doesn't pee, he liberates Urine!)
- Best American Kurt Vonnegut Writings

There is also a fantastic journal type story, called Best American Diary of the Living Dead, or: Are You There God? It's Me. Also, A Bunch of Zombies. I will let the title of that one speak for itself. It's some pretty funny stuff.

The book is not all humor, though. There were some very touching and thought provoking stories, such as:
- A story about poverty in Buenos Aires and people called "Cartoneros" who collect and recycle to make a living
- A girl given up by her mother at birth
- A boy's obsession with nonexistence
- The sun going dark for no apparent reason
- A vigilante conservation organization out to save the whales by literally running into whaling ships on international waters (The man who leads this was a founding member of Greenpeace and was kicked out)
- A biracial young woman searching for answers about Judaism in Israel (This includes a fascinating history of Ethiopian Jews)
- One of my favorites: An eye opening story about the Clinton Foundation and what they are doing for AIDS victims all over the world.

There are more stories, too. Short stories, Fiction, Non-Fiction, even a few comics and cartoons.

It really is a truly awesome book. Go, buy it, read it!

Stay tuned for more installments of NAMB's Recommended Reading!


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